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Doing the right thing was never this simple. Our products come with a profile, impact dashboard, shareable resources and much more!

Share that you care

Climate solutions for your business

Whatever you need on your sustainability journey, we’ve got you covered.

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Plant a tree

Support a treeplanting project in the Netherlands as well as a project of choice in Zambia or Ethiopia. Donate once or on a monthly basis.

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Carbon Offsetting

We offer a broad range of high-quality carbon credits for companies looking to compensate residual emissions.

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Planet Positive Workforce

Compensate your team's emissions and monitor the green impact on your company profile.

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Carbon Calculator

Our free Carbon Calculator tool is ideal for SMEs and companies taking their initial steps toward mapping their CO2 footprint.

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Plant a tree

Growing healthy forests stands as a pivotal solution in combating climate change. You can contribute to this cause by supporting a tree planting project in the Netherlands and simultaneously selecting a tree planting initiative in Zambia or Malawi.

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Carbon Offsets

Carbon Credits play an important role in funding climate projects whilst companies work on reducing emissions. We offer a broad range of high quality carbon credits for companies looking to compensate residual emissions.

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Planet Positive Workforce

We help businesses start their climate action with our Planet Positive Workforce. Compensate for your entire team’s emissions, plant trees in your company forest, and impress customers with this staff perk.

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Carbon Calculator

Gaining insight and understanding of emissions is the first step in reducing your company's environmental footprint. This free tool is ideal for SMEs and companies taking their initial steps toward mapping their CO2 footprint.

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